Presenting The J.D. Bragg

mystery-thriller series.


Meet J.D. Bragg.


He's an Atlanta investigative journalist. A banged up and bummed out ex-college quarterback, a flawed hero, and stubborn to a fault. He's also a man who never met a wrong he didn't want to right.

Follow him as he keeps getting pulled back to the mountains of upstate South Carolina where he was born, delving into mysteries that he is bound and determined to solve – even it it kills him.

If you're looking for mystery-thrillers with surprising twists and turns, pick up a J.D. Bragg mystery. You won't be able to put it down.




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Ron has been a creative director and writer for several of the top advertising agencies in the country, including his own, and has won numerous awards including a Gold Lion at Cannes. Born and raised in Upstate South Carolina in the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains, he's lived in San Francisco, Dallas, and now Atlanta, where he can be found happily writing more J.D. Bragg mysteries.

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