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Meet J.D. Bragg. Investigative Journalist. City boy with country roots. Unassuming hero. Stubborn to a fault. With an incredible knack for finding the truth, regardless of who or what gets in his way.

Presenting The J.D. Bragg Mystery Thriller Series

BOOK 1. Follow J.D. as he chases a story back to his hometown in upstate SC, where he grew up, only to place himself and his whole  family in mortal danger.

BOOK 2. Can J.D. find the missing kid brother of an old friend in the uber-wealthy horse country of upstate SC when someone is willing to kill anyone who even tries?

BOOK 3. The editor of J.D.’s hometown paper is savagely beaten and in a coma. To the cops, finding the perp is just a Job. To J.D., it’s personal. The  editor is the woman he loves.

BOOK 4. A fourteen-year-old girl in the mountains of upstate SC has run away from a mother who doesn’t want her, but someone  else does. A predator of underage girls. Can J.D. save her?


★★★★★ “J.D. Bragg is a believable character that I enjoyed immensely.”

★★★★★ “Can’t wait for the next book. Loved, loved, loved it!!”

★★★★★ “Wow! What a story! I loved every minute of reading it.”

★★★★★ “Refreshing author that I had never read. Great storyline, great characters, a good plot, and a really good ending.”

★★★★★ “Wonderful whodunit."

★★★★★ “Love the book! Hard to put down and suspenseful to the end.”

★★★★★ “This genuine southern writer (you cannot fake it) has a wit and sense of humor that is subtle but very masculine.” 

★★★★★ “From the opening sentence, this book hooks you, and keep you guessing.”


★★★★★ “Fisher’s plot and characters are well-conceived and the prose is just lush enough.” 


★★★★★ “Great story. Well told! Thank you, Ron Fisher!” 


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Ron has been a creative director and writer for several of the top advertising agencies in the country, including his own, and has won numerous awards including a Gold Lion at Cannes. Born and raised in Upstate South Carolina in the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains, he's lived in San Francisco, Dallas, Atlanta, and now Media PA where he can be found happily writing the next J.D. Bragg mystery.

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